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All You Need Kit Cat

Complete kit with covered toilet bowl, dish and bowl



Choose your favorite color for your Kitty dish:

- Green

Choose your favorite color for your Minù toilet:

- Pink/Taupe

Choose your favorite color for your Pappy bowl:

- Orange

The brand new kit contains the elegant Minù litter box, one iconic Pappy bowl and one Kitty dish by United Pets!
Play with the Mix&Match function and customise the perfect starter kit for your kitty cat.

- 1 Covered litter box
- 1 Litter mat
- 1 Dustpan
- 1 Roll of 15 hygienic bags
- 1 Dish for your cat's food
- 1 Water bowl

Here's what you'll find in your kit!

The toilet Minù, the iconic Pappy bowl and the Kitty dish, all in one kit!

Includes: roll of bags, activated carbon filter and dustpan

Kitty dish, with its flat shape helps the kitty not to rub his whiskers during the meal

Pappy bowl, non-slip and microwave safe

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