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“We have chosen to stay with whom can teach us more. We have chose to repay their unconditional love with the care they deserve. Every day, always together.”



Animal lovers, passionate about design.


We share our life - at home, at the park or even traveling - with our flurry friends. We know their company makes our daily life better.


They are not us: this is why we study every single object with tailored love. We give them all the care and attention they deserve.


We make accessories for domestic animals. We design for them and for us. The aesthetics of these functional design objects shows the beauty of a special relationship.



A home, a couple and a dog. A family story.


United Pets was founded in 1999 in Milan: we are Cristina and Costantino and we share our flat with Chico, our Dalmatian. We are happy to live with a dog but not so happy to accomodate his objects too. Since the beginning, we have involved in this project Giulio Iacchetti and Ilaria Gibertini, two designers that had given United Pets a unique mark.


Today? We operate all over the world, we collaborate with a team of designers and with major brands from the pet world. A beautiful achievement for a story that seemed to be like many others.




The accessories for a shared lifestyle.


We realized that on the market, there weren’t accessories specifically conceived for humans and animals to happily live together.


This is why we have chosen to design objects that you and your pet would love: iconic, practical and enjoyable.



Our recipe main ingredient is the design: functionality and emotion.


All our products are the result of a careful research. We aim to meet your needs and those of your 4-legged friend.


Every item by United Pets is designed in collaboration with a designer. We aim to offer the best in terms of materials, functionality and aesthetic value.


We only use best quality raw materials, 100% resistant and safe for your pet’s health.



1. Research


To make life easier for you and your pet, we thoroughly investigate your needs. We offer unique and eco-friendly solutions.

2. Design


Designers aren’t all the same: we look for professionals with the right skills and sensitivity for each project. Someone who shares our feelings towards our fluffy friends.


3. Materials


We consciously select materials for making safe, resistant, versatile and recyclable products.

4. Test


Every product by United Pets is tested for making sure that it meets the needs for which it was designed. We take care of it, with the help of our fluffy friends.