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After completing a diploma at the Istituto d’arte di Parma and studies in communication and design at the Università del Progetto di Reggio Emilia, Ilaria worked for two years in the university’s professional studio. Since 1993, she has devoted herself to freelance work, alternating between industrial design, graphic design and illustration. She designs objects and undertakes graphic design projects as well as following communications in the fields of organic agriculture and biodiversity. In her projects, her aim is to develop ideas that are fluid and essential; useful and conscious of the planet’s future; joyful and nomadic; curious about new forms of expression and ways of living. Companies she has worked for include:  Barilla, Coop, Coin, Comfort Zone, Lavazza, Mandarina Duck, Nemo, Jacuzzi, United Pets, Azienda Agraria Sperimentale Stuard Exhibitions she has participated in include: - The New Italian Design (Milan Triennale 2007, Madrid 2009, Istanbul 2010, Beijing and Nantou 2012, Bilbao, SanFrancisco 2013) - D come Design. La mano la mente il cuore (D for Design. The Hand, the Mind, the Heart) (Museo Regionale di Scienze Naturali, Turin 2008 – Alexandrine Library of Alexandria, Egypt, 2009) - Design alla Coop (Design at the Coop) (Milan 2005) - Dal merletto alla motocicletta - X Biennale Donna (From Lace to the Motorcycle - 10th Women’s Biennial (Ferrara 2002) - Biennale dei giovani artisti dell’Europa e del Mediterraneo” (Biennial of young artists of Europe and the Mediterranean) (Roma 1999) - La Fabbrica Estetica: l’ultima generazione del design italiano” (The Esthetic Factory: the latest generation of Italian Design) (Paris 1993) - Home Sweet Home - Abitare il Tempo (Home Sweet Home - Living Our Time) (Verona 1990)


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