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Azzolini Tinuper




Azzolini Tinuper specialize in research and design, emphasizing the use of innovatice materials and technologies. They work as consultant designers particularly on materials, surfaces, colours, finishing and texture design for industrial products of well-know Italian and foreign companies, such as Ardinea, Lamm, Gimi, Stefanplast, Stellcase, Knoll Int., Unifor, Castelli, Biesse, Belli e Forti, Piacenza, Braendly, Stone Italiana, Gruppo Marcol, Mandarina Duck, Poltrona Frau, Pugi RG, Luxo Italiana, Univer, Sacmi Group, Bertolaso, Fiat, Epson, Whirlpool Europe, Artigeniale, Acimac, Askoll. They work on the product's design offering unusual and innovative solutions, starting from a unique approah which includes the study of current trends as well as a research into new materials and production processes. Their products are manufactured by the following companies: Vittorio Bonacina, habitat Italiana, Rimadesio, Ciacci, Mobilmetal, Softline, Bimax, Europeo, Acam, Frighetto, Gimi, Ez'ech, Carlo Giannini, Seccose, Stefanplast, L'Inglesina Baby, Virca, Modo e Modo, Fifa Sport, Seac Sub, United Pets, Roncato. They Also work on interior design with a strong attention to the perception and the soft structures of the environment.


Products realized by Azzolini Tinuper